PUBG Mobile Season 9 is going to come to an end very soon which means Season 10 is upon us. From what we know, the next season could rollout around November 7. Thanks to some leaks we also have an early look at the upcoming season which is going to be themed as ‘Fury of the Wasteland.’ So expect a lot of Mad Max inspired in-game rewards as you progress through the season.

As usual, the Elite Royale Pass will cost 600UC while the Elite Plus will cost 1800UC. Expect some rewards when you move to the new season based on your stats on the previous season. Of course, there is a season 10 parachute skin, costume along with a skin for the M249. There are a bunch of new emotes, avatar frames, a new wasteland-inspired M416 skin in the gun lab and a similarly themed pan skin.

There are also a variety of costumes, some of which seem to match with a previously leaked video which included a bunch of headgear. Some of them include the Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set, Snowflake Girl Set, Irradiated Frog Set, and so on. They don’t necessarily look very impressive, but we are pretty sure they are going to look way better once the season actually rolls out. For more watch the leaks in the video below courtesy UraniumKing:


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